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About us

Each of us strives to surround himself with the best and most worthy! A dog for a family is no exception.  

Italian Greyhound - for more than 8000 thousands years is an exemplary companion, the embodiment of elegance and an indicator of a high aesthetic taste and status of the owner. After meeting the legend of perfection you will not want any other dog.  

There is a place where you can meet your little graceful friend, who is always ready to live near your heart and accompany everywhere. This place is our kennel "Sunnymoon Place".  

We are professionals in our business and are proud to introduce you with the splendor of the world of a small Italian Greyhound!


About breed

The little Italian Greyhound descends from small-sized sighthounds that already existed in ancient Egypt at the court of the Pharaohs. Passing through Laconie (Greece), where numerous representations on vases and bowls confirm this, the breed arrived in Italy at the outset of the 5th century BC.

Its greatest development occurred during the era of the Renaissance at the court of the nobles. It is not rare to find the Italian Sighthound represented in the paintings of the greatest Italian and foreign masters.

Italian Greyhound has slender appearance. Although of a small size, it fully characterizes a miniature sighthound, the prototype of refinement and elegance. May be considered as a model of grace and distinction.


Dog Shows

We breed Italian Greyhounds from 2009. Our priorities in breeding are: morern type, excellent health and strong psyche.

We are very keen in dog shows. We believe this is the only opportunity to be in trend of breed development and keep the quality of our dogs on a high level.

Our dogs are participating in the most prestigious and big dog shows all over the world. They are champions of many countries, won many prestigious titles, among them are Eurorean Winner, Vice European Winner, Vice World Winner.


Our puppies 

We have Italian Greyhound puppies couple of times per year. All our litters are carefully planned according to our complex breeding program for many years ahead.

All dogs used in our breeding program live with us, have all necesarry health tests and excellent show results.

Usually we keep some puppies in the kennel and have puppies waiting list. If you interested to buy an Italian Greyhound puppy from us - please contact us in advance. We will discuss all questions about puppies and agree about the best puppy for you.


Since 2009

Quality, not quantity

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