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Breeding since 2009 TOP-1 Italian Greyhounds in Ukraine 8 years in a row 11 International Champions 35 Champions 200+ Championship titles Fully health tested breeding


On the Main Dog Show of Ukraine!

Sunnymoon Place winning BEST IN SHOW BREEDER on the Main Dog Show of Ukraine (fragment)

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Welcome to Italian Sighthounds world! 

Italian Greyhounds breeder. Europe / Питомник левреток. Киев, Украина
Each of us strives to surround himself with the best and most worthy! The dog for a family is not an exception.

Italian Sighthound - for more than 5000 years is an exemplary companion, the embodiment of elegance and an indicator of a high aesthetic taste and status of the owner. Almost no breed has been found painted and sculptured in the history as much as the Italian Sighthound. After meeting the legend of perfection you will not want any other dog!

There is a place where you can meet your little graceful friend, who will be always ready to live near your heart and accompany everywhere. This place - our kennel "Sunnymoon Place".

We breed Italian Sighthounds from 2009. Our dogs are TOP-1 Italian Greyhounds in Ukraine for 8 years in a row. We are professionals in what we do and this is a passion of our life. Proudly we are ready to introduce you to the Italian Sighthounds world!

About Italian Greyhound breed
Italian Greyhound / Левретка
The little Italian Greyhound (new name - Italian Sighthound) descends from small-sized sighthounds that already existed in ancient Egypt at the court of the Pharaohs. Passing through Laconia (Greece), where numerous representations on vases and bowls confirm this, the breed arrived in Italy at the outset of the 5th century BC.

Its greatest development occurred during the era of the Renaissance at the court of the nobles. It is not rare to find the Italian Sighthound represented in the paintings of the greatest Italian and foreign masters.

Italian Sighthound has a slender appearance. Although of small size, it fully characterizes a miniature sighthound, the prototype of refinement and elegance. May be considered as a model of grace and distinction.

Our vision
Italian Greyhound Vanessa Sunnymoon Place from kennel Sunnymoon Place / Левретка питомник
Our vision of Italian Sighthound - is a graceful, noble companion dog.
We focused on qualities that allow IGs to be successful show dogs as well as pleasant companions.

Qualities that we are breeding for are:
  • elegant breed type with correct anatomy and typical movements;
  • cheerful, easy-going temperament with strong psyche;
  • excellent health.

Show success is what we are breeding for, but not only show qualities are important for us! Qualities required for companion dogs are not less important. We don't share the opinion that any dog can automatically be a pleasant companion. A good companion dog is also the result of careful breeding.

We are not focused in our breeding on lure coursing - it means that you could participate with our IGs in lure coursing activities, but we don't know what results you will achieve, because we don't breed for the qualities required for lure coursing success.

Dog Shows
Italian Greyhounds breeder. Europe / Питомник левреток. Киев, Украина
We are very ambitious concerning success on dog shows and attend many of them with our dogs. We believe this is the only way to be in the trend of breed development and keep the quality of our dogs on a high level.

Our dogs are TOP-1 Italian Greyhounds in Ukraine for 8 years in a row, they participate in the most prestigious and big dog shows all over the world. They are champions of many countries, have many prestigious titles, among them are European Winner, Vice European Winner, Vice World Winner.

It is ok if you have no plans to participate in dog shows - the most important what we require for our puppies are loving and caring owners. But if you have serious show plans - we strongly recommend to contact us in advance so that we will put you on the waiting list. We will choose a show promising puppy for you and provide all possible help and support.

Our puppies 
Puppies Sunnymoon Place kennel. Europe. /Щенки левретки питомник. Киев. Украина.
We have Italian Sighthound puppies a couple of times per year. All our litters are carefully planned according to our complex breeding program for many years ahead. Dogs used in our breeding program have all necessary health tests and excellent show results.

All puppies graduated from our kennel are vaccinated by age, have official FCI pedigrees and veterinary documents. We put all our efforts to grow well socialized and healthy puppies - from the youngest possible age our puppies have a lot of contacts with different people, play with our older dogs, walk on a leash, potty train to the pad, travel in the car e.t.c; they eat quality dog food as well as fresh meat, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables.

Usually, we keep some puppies in the kennel and have puppies waiting list.
If you are interested to buy show promising Italian Sighthound puppy from us - please contact us in advance in our Instagram or by email . We don't take reservations for puppies before they are born, but we will discuss all the details and agree about the best puppy for you. 

Our puppies are our children. We trust them only to people who had thought out everything carefully and ready to offer to our children a lot of time and love. 

Together with science
Sunnymoon Place kennel. Europe. /Левретка питомник. Киев. Украина.
There are many variables breeder should take into consideration in his breeding and it is not easy at all (dog genome has 100 000 genes). That's why we deeply dig down into genetics, dogs' conformation and psychology. It is not our way just to do matings and "let's see what we will get" - we prefer to analyze and calculate possibilities before to make every single mating.

One of us finished the course of Genetics of Novosibirsk State University and now continue to learn Genetics and Genomics. Both of us finished the cource of Reproduction of Galina Chernichko School of Reproduction and are active members of Reproduction Society of mentioned school .

We spent a lot of time learning everything related to dogs wellfare and breeding. We have a big amount of books in our "dogs library", visit veterinary and breeding seminars, subscribed to dozens of magazines and constantly monitor scientific resources for new information.

We share some important information in our articles that everybody can reed in "About breed" section of our site.


Best place to live
Sunnymoon Place kennel. Europe. /Левретка питомник. Киев. Украина.
We both (owners of the kennel Milena Myshkovskaya & Lesya Smykovskaya) live in private buildings with big yards in the countryside not far from the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. Such location allows us to have plenty of place for happy living with all our dogs as well as close access to the best veterinary services.

Our dogs live in our homes and from the very young puppy age have constant access to the yard specially organized for their comfort and safety. We have everyday walks in the fields, garden and forest that are located literally behind our fence. We take our puppies and adult dogs to the city to have some walk in the city parks and on crowded city streets. 

Thanks to such living conditions, as well as due to the careful selection of producers, our Italian greyhounds are friendly to people and other animals, have balanced temperament and excellent health.


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Our home is open for guests. We invite to visit our kennel, play with our dogs, have some rest and nice conversation in our beautiful garden.
Also you can watch our everyday life and keep in touch with us through social networks
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Since 2009

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Together with science

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We breed Italian Greyhounds from 2009.  We have puppies for sale couple of times per year. If you plan to  buy Italian Greyhound puppy from our kennel, please, contact us in our Instagram or by e-mail. We are located in Eastern Europe - Kiev, Ukraine and provide delivery to almost any country.