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Italian Greyhound, Italian Greyhound puppies

About Italian Greyhound breed 


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Italian Greyhound breed standard

Literature we recommend

We read a lot of books about the breed, dogs anatomy, psycholosy, training and welfare. Some books don't worth the money they cost, but some are really useful - and such books we recommend here.

Italian Greyhound owners reference book

Here are articles written by us about Italian Greyhounds.  We try to explain from our experience how to grow Italian Greyhound puppy and how to provide the best care of Italian Greyhounds. Also we add here some articles written by other authors that we consider useful or interesting.

  1. Meet the breed - Italian Greyhound.
  2. What you need to know before buy Italian Greyhound puppy
  3. Bringing your Italian Greyhound puppy home. Step by step instruction.
  4. Feeding your Italian Greyhound
  5. 10 tips for Italian Greyhound puppy potty training
  6. Italian Greyhounds and other pets
  7. Italian Greyhound home alone
  8. Stop jumping up (video tutorial) NEW
  9. Stop pulling on leash (video tutorial) NEW

Italian Greyhounds breeding, showing, welfare

  1. What do Italian Greyhounds die from?
  2. Why some Italian Greyhounds are graying fast?
  3. Anti rules for dog shows :) NEW

Italian Greyhound genetics 

Here are articles about general dog genetics and Italian Greyhounds genetics aspects written by us or shared from scientific sources:

  1. Coat color genetics of Italian Greyhounds
  2. Genetic tests for breed relevant diseases in Italian Greyhounds
  3. About genetic diversity in Italian Greyhound breed

Veterynary & reproductology

  1. Are sighthounds really dogs? NEW