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The history of our kennel began in 2009, when it was officially registered in the FCI.

We live in Ukraine and engaged in breeding of Italian Singhthounds (Piccolo Levriero Italiano). 

Our first Italian greyhound - Carevna Budur Golden Queen (Arisha). She was bought in 2009 as a pet, without plans for breeding and show. Arisha has grown very elegant and quite correct anatomy, with good health. In December 2009, we decided to take the first steps on the international exhibition with Arisha. To everybody's surprise - Arisha  was the best baby of breed at the specialty show in Kiev, competition and under the Italian expert. Carevna Budur Golden Queen (KL Golden Queen, Ukraine, breeder Sistuk L) - received the titles of Champion of Moldova and Ukraine, won the title of Best of Breed in Ukraine and was used in breeding from 2011 to 2013. On genetic line of Arisha - there are mostly Ukrainian and Polish dogs.

Arisha's son from the first litter - Arnero Sunnymoon Place,  was the first award-winning Italian Greyhound breed in Sunnymoon Place, our first International Champion, winner of Best in Show, reserve class winner on Euro Sighthound and the World Dog Show in Budapest in 2013. Due to heavy inbreeding in genetic line of Arisha she had quite a negative impact on her puppies, and it did not allow us to build on that line our further breeding. Arisha brought us the two litters and was retired from breeding.  

After a year of deliberation, successes and failures, it was time to understand our goals. In October 2010, from one of the famoust European kennel came to us our gorgeous Eledi Grace Alpina - who became the founder of our serious breeding activities. Alpina has completely changed our original idea of the Italian Greyhound. And with her arrival our kennel got it's name SUNNYMOON PLACE. In October 2012 we imported another Italian Greyhound - Eledi Grace Fendi Fornarina.  Fendi grown in elegant female with the growth of 35 cm, correct anatomy, typical movements and strong psyche. 

Year 2014 - the appearance of our long-awaited children: from Alpina - Everdeen & Emerald, and Desmonda & Dallas from Fendi. They are our first generation and from these children we become to build our kennel's line. All these dogs become International Champions winning their titles on the prestigious European shows! They won many champions titles and successfully promote kennel's name in Europe. From this time we reached a new level of breeding and show. 

In 2015 we bought new male to our kennel Zabava Znaty Hector who become an excellent producer. He perfectly complements the type of our dogs and gives us exactly what we wanted to add to our breeding. Hector also won title of Vice World Winner and his children kept in our kennel - magnificent blue boy Louis and gorgeous black pearl Brenda - got titles of Junior European Winner and Vice European Winner! We can say that Hector literally started winners line in our kennel.

In 2016-2018 we participated in many shows in Ukraine and Europe. Our dogs won Best of Breed titles on 80% of shows. Actually our dogs are the most titled in Ukraine. They have champion titles of such countries as:  Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belorussia, Moldova and certainly Ukraine.

The first milestone achieved - Sunnymoon Place kennel is known as the most winning Ukrainian kennel!

The next goals are even more amtitious. To be continued...



Their health and mood as important as our own. Each our dog – is personality, and each one has its own unique character and habits. We care about our dogs as if they are our own children. When passing our puppies to new owners we provide full support and consultations of how to contain, how to handle, how to raise an Italian Greyhound.


is building correct, balanced and sustainable type of Italian Greyhound, which will be useful for the breed development in general and at the same time implement our vision. We prefer  to breed healthy, cheerful, bright and excellent moving dogs.

We work with proven and healthy lines, that has already established themselves in the world among the best. We are seriously passionate about genetics, breeding and selection. All dogs in our breeding program are have health & genetic tests.

We consider coat color and its clearness, but the most important is not the color - but health,  ideal lines, proportions and harmony of the psyche as a whole. We will never breed for a trandy colour!


one of the main directions of our breeding.  We have complex breeding program for many years ahead, carefully plan each litter and consider to keep some puppies from it in the kennel or in the nearest availability. We simply don't make a litter if we don't see perspective for us in puppies from such combination.

Breeding work is complex and unpredictable. It brings success and true pleasure only to those who truly devote themselves. We are always on the lookout, and with every step - aim to approach perfection. 


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