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Buy Italian Greyhound puppy

What you need to know before buy Italian Greyhound puppy

When deciding to buy an Italian Greyhound puppy, you need to realise that you take on a lot of duties. The health, upbringing and well-being of this sensitive, loving creature will depend on you! Threfore before taking a final decision, please, spend some time to understand your real reasons of becoming an IG owner.

Ask yourself a few questions:
  • Whose idea is it to get a puppy? Yours? Who will be the owner of the puppy?
  • Why did you decide to get a puppy? Old dream or fashion whim?
  • When you was growing up, did you have the opportunity to look after the dog, and was it joy or punishment for you?
  • Do you ready to clean after puppy before it gets potty trained? Do you have enough patience to potty training your puppy?
  • Do you ready to spend lot of your time for growing puppy and than for maintaining adult dog?
  • Do all family members want a dog or at least don't mind?
  • Do your children realize that dog is alive creature and not a toy? Do they respect and treat rightly dogs, cats and other animals?
  • Do some family members have an allergy and how you are going to deal with it having a dog at home?
  • What you will do with the dog when go on vacation?
  • Do you ready for extra expences for maintaining the dog (food, toys, clothes, veterinary services)?
  • Do you ready to keep your dog all it's life (15-17 years)? Even when it will be no more young, strong and beautiful?

If you have doubts with answering at least one question from the list - you would better don't ask for a puppy from our kennel.

Usually they say that the dog belongs to the one who feeds it. Who will take on the responsibility of raising a puppy, clean up after him? Sometimes the appearance of a puppy in the house only turns into an additional burden for the mother. Where will the puppy eat? Where will he sleep?

An important question and financial. Feeding, vaccination, clothing, veterinarian services... all this requires money. Can you allocate a part of the family's budget to the dog's needs?

Italian Greyhound is a little greyhound :) - very cheerful and very active dog. Do you ready to devote a lot of time to active walks, allowing the dog to move as much as it needs?

It is very important to think about what you expect from an adult dog. Do you plan to breed or show it? Do you plan to participate in sports? Or you just want an excellent family pet?

It is best to think it all out in advance, because if someday you will decide to have a puppy from your female IG, then you need to buy a high quality female. The highest you can afford.

If you need an excellent family pet, you should select puppy from parents with excellent temperament. They sould be friendly with people, like to be touched and have strong psyche. I would say,  the best family dog is that who easily "turns on/off" - it means it is active on the walks but become calm in home or in the car. You will not be happy with a dog constantly jumping and yelling when you are doing your business or household shores.

Don't be hurry. Take your time to thought out everything carefully. You don't buy a toy but get a friend who will be with you 15-17 years!

Author: Lesya Smykovskaya