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Bringing your Italian greyhound puppy home

Bringing your Italian greyhound puppy home

Before the big day, you’ll need to make a few preparations:
  • Purchase a special sighthound type collar (wide in the middle of the neck) and leash with a strong clasp.
  • Purchase food and water dishes.
  • Purchase other supplies such as a crate, toothbrush & toothpaste, bed, identification tag and toys, e.t.c.
  • Contact your breeder for recommendations on the type of food to feed your new Italian greyhound puppy. Most quality food can be purchased at reputable pet stores or your veterinarian.
  • Prepare your house for your new family member by removing any fragile knickknacks, checking your fencing for holes and weak spots, and placing clips or locks on your gates. You will also want to check the latches and locks on screen doors and mark large windows and sliding doors with a band of tape for easy visibility.
  • Clear your kitchen counter of any tempting treats and cover your waste container with a secure lid or place it inside a cabinet.
  • Select his sleeping place and arrange his bed. You may want to use crate at least for the first period of time. Our usual suggestion is in the master bedroom with the door closed. Place his bed or crate next to your bed. This way you will know if the dog needs to go out an it will also reassure the dog who has never slept alone in his life. You don’t want the dog to have the run of the house at night. He could get in all sorts of trouble.
  • Contact your veterinarian to alert him/her about your new family member.
  • Discuss Italian greyhound pet rules with all family members, particularly children, to ensure an easy transition period.
  • Review all recommended information about Italian greyhounds here on our site and do not hesitate to contact your breeder with any questions.

Italian Greyhounds are good travelers. But following are a few tips will make the drive an easy one:
  • It is better to keep you Italian Greyhound puppy on your lap while travelling first time. Puppy will feel comphortable and not be afraid by new place, strange sounds e.t.c.
  • Plan on two adults to bring your new Italian Greyhound puppy home. A friendly Italian greyhound may decide to help the driver and it could cause an accident!
  • Take the blanket with you. Not only will the seat be more comfortable for the greyhound, but the blanket will protect your upholstery as well.
  • Not good idea to put Italian Greyhound puppy in a kennel or crate during his first car ride - many chances that puppy will be scared and also can cause car sickness (puppy would try to stay on its paws and because of shaking it will feel sick).
  • Unless your trip is longer than four hours, you would probably not need to bring water or stop to walk your dog.

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting and rewarding experience. For the Italian reyhound puppy, adjusting to the life your family from that of in breeder's home can take a few days. The following are a few suggestions to make the transition easier:
  • Once you get home, you should first offer your Italian greyhound puppy a chance to relieve itself. Walk your puppy back and forth in a small area until it does so.
  • Allow the puppy to explore its new home at its own speed, but always under your supervision. It will be much easier to establish good habits early than to correct bad ones later.
  • Although your puppy is used to living indoors, everything is new to him in your home. As he sniffs his way through the house, you can offer words of encouragement or discouragement.
  • The patterns you set in the first few days are the ones you will live with the rest of your pet’s life. If you do not want your pet on the furniture, do not break down at three a.m. and cuddle him on the couch!
  • Verbal commands are generally enough to train your Italian greyhound puppy. He/she will know by the tone of your voice what is acceptable and what is not.
  • This will be a very stressful few days for your Italian Greyhound puppy. It is best to keep things quiet – delay the welcome home party for a week or two.
  • It is not unusual for a puppy to refuse to eat for a day or two. He will probably drink more water than normal and consequently need to go potty more often. Also, he will need more rest than normal.
  • The change of diet and excitement of his new home may cause your puppy to have diarrhea. Should this occur, give your dog one tea cup of Enterosgel or Nifuroxazide every every 8 hours or until diarrhea stops. If it continues for more than a day, consult your veterinarian.

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