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Feeding your Italian Greyhound

Feeding your Italian Greyhound puppy

Your new Italian greyhound has had his diet adjusted from the special balanced high calorie, high protein puppy diet he required and you need to continue to feed it by a top quality, well-balanced puppy diet. Your breeder most probably gave you the sufficient amount of dog food for the first week. But if your puppy travelled to you by avia - breeder couldn't provide it. So you shoud ask your breeder about the best possible diet for your puppy.

Mealtime “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in feeding your Italian Greyhound puppy are:
  • DO feed your Italian greyhound puppy 3-4 times per day untill 4 monthes and 2-3 times per day untill 6 monthes. Than feed it 2 times per day.
  • DO feed your puppy at the same time every day. Dogs like consistency.
  • DO use a high quality food. Again, follow the recommendations on your breeder.
  • DO pick a quiet corner of a room where your puppy will stay when you are gone. Feed him in this place each time. If he will stay in a crate when you are gone, feed him in the crate.
  • DO pick a time that will be convenient enough to allow you to let your puppy out to relieve himself about ½ hour after feeding.
  • DO monitor your dog’s eating habits. It is not unusual for Italian greyhound puppy to refuse to eat for a day or two. To encourage eating, you may add a couple of tablespoons of high quality canned food with warm water to the kibble.
  • DO pick up any food not eaten in 10 minutes and discard it. Repeat this routine at the next feeding and your Italian greyhound will learn mealtime limitations.
  • DO watch for itch, flaky skin. Cold, dry weather can irritate an Italian greyhound’s skin. During the dry winter months, add one teaspoons of salmon or vegetable oil to their food. We reccommend to combine different oils - salmon, linseed, walnut, olive as they contain different Omega oils (omega 3, 6,9).
  • DO treat your dog with carefully selected snacks such as Milkbones and biscuits. A beef marrowbone is also an excellent treat.
  • DON'T change food for your dog often. As you found balanced diet and your dog feels and looks excellent - keep him on that diet. Despite what advertisers would have us believe, your Italian greyhound will be happiest and healthiest with the same food every meal.
  • DON’T be surprised if you Italian greyhound puppy expects to share your banana as you slice it for your cereal. Your dog may eat bananas, apricots, pumpkin, applesauce, spinach, and even vanilla ice cream on a limited basis.
  • DON’T ever feed your dog chocolate. Reactions to this tempting sweet vary from dog to dog, but none are good. Chocolate contains ingredients that can speed your dog’s heart rate to a fatal degree and can also cause allergic reactions.
  • DON’T feed your dog treats that are suppose to mimic human food like miniature hot dogs or bacon. These usually contain too much dye and sugar. Stick to the basics of good quality hard biscuits.
  • DON’T feed your Italian greyhound from the table. This will only encourage bad habits that are hard to break.
  • DON’T leave alluring items on kitchen counters. Italian greyhounds are curious by nature and may sample items left within reach.
  • DON’T leave open foil bags of treats within your dog’s reach. There have been tragedies were greyhounds have eaten the treats AND the bag and died from the intestinal impaction from the bag.

If your dog has diarrhea, feed about ½ cup moistened dry food with 1 cup cooked rice added. More rice can be used depending on the severity of the diarrhea. If the stool is very loose, feed 1-cup rice mixed with 1-cup cottage cheese for 2 to 4 feedings. Diarrhea can be expected in many of the dogs the first few days in their new home. Adjust the amount of food accordingly to your puppy weight.

Remember, the ribs and hipbones of your Italian Greyhounds should be covered, but you should still be able to see the last three spinal vertebrae (not ribs!). An overweight Italian greyhound cannot stay healthy for long as well as skiny one indicates digestion problems or worms.

Treats are fine as long as they are not overfed. Remember NEVER, NEVER to give your Italian greyhound chocolate, meat fat, or raw onions. These are all potentially deadly. Milkbone-type commercial or homemade biscuits are the safest treats.


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With use of materials from the Greyhound Owners Manual by Heart Bound Greyhound Adoption.