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Meet the Italian Greyhound!

or the best that can happen to you in life.    

You may be surprised, but the Italian Greyhound is not at all like all other breeds. Of course, they have everything that all normal dogs have: a head, a body, four legs and a tail ... But still, they are too unique and special.   Italian Greyhound habits and character is not similar to any other breed. They have a lot of little specialities. Here are some of them.  

  • An Italian greyhound can spend hours lying on the sun like a cat and owners often have to make sure that it does not overheat.
  • Lying on a mattress or on the pillows of your bed, the IG loves to chew a soft toy.
  • A rare Italian greyhound will lay right on the floor. It needs something soft and preferably higher - let it be a chair or a soft and comfortable sofa.
  • Italian greyhound love to look out the window. And they are really looking there, empathizing with what they see - carefully watching passers-by or running dogs.
  • Italian greyhound is very self-confident! At puppy age, and in youth too, they brave and love to jump from a great height, thinking they are super-heroes. The owner is better to prevent such attempts until the dog is old enough and get stronger bones. If your puppy jumped to an undesirable height for him (at a puppy age even the height of the sofa may be dangerous) you should to get it down to the floor.
  • Italian Grethounds hate wind, rain and damp. Some of them try to close their faces and ears with their paws to hide from a strong wind, which looks very funny.
  • If not trained, an Italian greyhound may even refuse to go outside in bad weather. Even those who accostomed to bad weather conditions will agree just get outside for a little time to do their. And if you need to go on the grass to sit down on your business, you will do it extremely quickly and like an ostrich bird, raising its graceful legs high so as not to get wet. And can bring "everything" home. Well, think about it yourself, would you go for a walk in the rain walking on the damp grass and without an umbrella? Well, that's the Italian greyhound thinks the same.
  • Italian Grethounds are clever, thinking dogs. It is true that up to 4 months it is rare for a puppy to learn the whole science of upbringing and dressage at once, this is true for any breed. Perhaps he will run and frolic more, jump and try everything on the tooth like a little piranha, and fall asleep only if he already just falls from fatigue, most often on your knees. The nature of greyhounds is such that at first they learn to run fast, and only then to reflect. But later, the Italian Greyhound gradually turns into the smartest dog, with which there is always something to talk about.
  • Italian greyhound, most likely will not fall for sharp orders "to me" or "stand." Italian greyhound, like any thinking dog, does not recognize commands, but only dialogue and requests. Perhaps, on reflection, agree on their diplomatic option - “stop” or “well, where did you go?” You will immediately feel the result. Although, theoretically, it is better to accustom the Italian greyhound to the "fu" or "impossible" command. In some emergency situations, when the instinct of running after a moving object is triggered, the precise execution of these commands can save the life of a dog. But, nevertheless, to carry out your every command implicitly, not every levretka will. Especially bitch))) Partnership with the owner in this case is more acceptable to her. Yes, and in another way does not work, believe me.
  • The Italian Greyhound's huge sensual eyes can melt any heart. A graceful head on a long neck, stores a lot of recipes, how to circle the owner around the finger. And here you are in the trap of her love so much so that life begins to build smoothly, based on her interests. In the end, the Italian Greyhound always claims to be the head of the family. How they do it - you just have to wonder.
  • Italian greyhound by nature is very inquisitive. And at any age. Most likely, she will follow you, and whatever you do, she will stick her long nose everywhere. Here you need to be on guard so that the curious Italian greyhound does not fit into the unpleasant story or try something inappropriate. You should practically have eyes on the back of your head, especially if your Italian greyhound is not yet a year old.
  • In the warm and dry season - the Italian Greyhounds rush with delight on walks, and in the winter, the Italian Greyhound will leave the house for exactly five minutes for the most necessary needs, and the rest of the time they can be found under the blanket in the owner's bed. In winter, all their games are transferred to the house and it is, sometimes, very difficult to sustain. Everything turns upside down.
  • The love for soft toys in the IGs is huge, but it usually comes down to gutting or tearing into small pieces. Be careful that the Italian Greyhound does not accidentally eat a sintepon or thread. Although, it is noticed that the insides of the Italian greyhound's toys are taken out through the holes made in the place of attachment of the peephole or the former nose of the teddy bear. Just take out, for fun, slowly, beam by beam, but do not eat.
  • To teach the Italian greyhound to bring a toy can be, but not all of them. Some generally consider it beneath their dignity to bring balls or toys. And some are not so much eager to run away and bring, how many invent tactical games with toys and their favorite owner.
  • On a walk, the Italian Greyhound is very active. If you live far from the slopes and can release the Italian greyhound to run without a leash - you will be able to watch the fireworks of her emotions and speeds. Having met a foreign dog, the Italian Greyhound will be extremely cautious at first, and then quite soon can get in touch and start a funny catch-up with maneuvers at full speed, barking and growling. If a four-legged friend cannot run as fast as your Italian greyhound - she will wind circles around at a frantic pace, offering to admire her capabilities and warming up the emotions of the audience. It is noticed that the Italian greyhounds love to play with well-known dogs.
  • Italian greyhound like to dig holes in the ground,. This is worth considering for lovers of the perfect lawn on the plot. Since curiosity sometimes goes too far and even deep into the ground - ants can even turn out to be in the nose, and then the Italian Greyhound takes a long and funny laugh off and blows it out of its long nose.
  • The pursuit of flying low birds - is also included in one of the favorite activities of Italian greyhound.
  • If you brought an Italian greyhound - it will be impossible to hide from this dog, and it doesn’t want to! . Personal life will be postponed indefinitely, because the Italian Greyhound will be with you everywhere, from a walk to a private bed and even in a bathroom. Lunch time is a favorite time for all IGs. Here they, probably, were not far away from other dog breeds. But not everyone can so gracefully jump onto the dining table and unobtrusively and calmly begin to eat from your plate.
  • If you like Italian greyhound - you will be in danger of having several, at least two. And if you have more than two of them, then it is better to ensure that two that do not offend the weaker are stronger. Still in the flock their own laws.
  • Having a dog of Italian greyhound is better for him for the company to start another dog. A suitable company is a dog and a bitch, only if one of them is sterilized (neutered). And if you have Italian greyhound - bitches - strive accordingly to fill the house and family with them.
  • Males of the Italian Greyhound are believed to be bolder and more attached to their owners. They are also more energetic and they need a tougher and more patient upbringing. Females are a little more restrained. But, only to "few" ... of course, everything depends on the character of the dog itself.    

If you have already acquired an Italian Greyhound or are planning this long-awaited event - please be patient and have a great sense of humor.  And, of course, photographic equipment. Inexpressible pictures and impressions are waiting for you. Plan that the Italian Greyhound at any age will require a lot of your time. You will be totally absorbed and delighted with this little amazing dog.      

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Milena Myshkovskaya.  

Kennel Sunnymoon Place.

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