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News archive 2017

We sincerely wish to everyone a lots of love, joy and health in 2018 year! 

 In this gallery there are New Year's greetings from familys, where our iggies live, 

from different parts of the world !

Mery Christmas & Happy New Year!  

 Мы искренне желаем  всем  любви, радости и здоровья в новом году ! 

В этой небольшой галерее - новогодние поздравления от семей, где живут  

левретки Sunnymoon Place . 

Мы благодарны всем, кто откликнулся и поделился с нами своим теплом и любовью ! 

С Новым годом и Рождеством Христовым!  


Goes into history one more bright year, filled with interesting trips, events and work. 

We proudly present the results 2017 of Sunnymoon Place kennel . 

The next year promises to be even more intense and exciting! 

Ушел в историю еще один яркий год, наполненный интересными поездками, событиями и работой.

Мы с гордостью представляем  результаты работы питомника Sunnymoon Place в 2017 году

Следующий год обещает быть еще более интенсивным и увлекательным ! 

Sunnymoon Place italian greyhounds, iggies, picolo levriero, левретка

KL Sunnymoon Place - the breed winner on the main IDS of 2017 year 

Питомник Sunnymoon Place - победитель породы на главных международных выставках  Украины в 2017 году

02-03.12, on most prestigious dog shows in Ukraine, Sunnymoon Place team got wonderful results! 

2xCACIB in Kiev, Ukraine"Kievan Rus-2017" and "Christal Cup-2017": 

Louis Sunnymoon Place - (int.cl) - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOS, BOB - got Titles of UKRAINE CHAMPION & UKRAINIAN KENNEL UNION CHAMPION!!! 

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - (ch.cl) - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOB, BIG-3 - got Titles of UKRAINIAN KENNEL UNION CHAMPION & UKRAINE CHAMPION one more time!!!  

Delicious Sunnymoon Place - (open cl.)- 2xCAC, 2xRACIB - got UKRAINE GRAND CHAMPION & UKRAINE SUPERGRAND CHAMPION. Congratulations to owner Sophia Berezhnaya.

And we are very glad to present new member of Sunnymoon Place team

Keep Winning for Sunnnymoon z Kolozeum - who got in 4,5 months 2xBest Baby in competition on his first show and many compliments from the judges & breeders!  

Thanks to respectable judges Luza Beradze (CZE) and Erodotos Neofytou (CYP) for their choice. 

We are very glad to finish 2017 year with such wonderful results! 

This year was very busy and very successful for our kennel.


New Poland Champions in Sunnymoon Place 

Новые Чемпионы Польши в Sunnymoon Place  

24-26.11.2017 / 3 x FCI- CACIB / Kielce, Poland

We are happy to announce two new champions in Sunnymoon Place kennel 

The results of our  trip to prestigious International Dog Show in Kielce (about 3000 dogs, 10, 16, 19 IGs): 

Louis Sunnymoon Place ( junior & intermedia class, 2 & 3 IG's) - 2 x JCAC, R.CAC, R.CACIB, 2 x JBOB, 2 x BOB - got title of JUNIOR POLAND CHAMPION! 

Brenda Sunnnymoon de Windcatcher (champions class, 5 IGs) - CAC, R.CAC, 2xR.CACIB - got title of POLAND CHAMPION

Many thanks to respectable judges:

Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (Poland)

Tanya Ahlman Stockmari (Finland) 

Ake Cronander (Sweeden)

And also we are grateful to kennels: Novatika, Z Kolozeum, Tesori di Carli, Wilkoria, Lux Loral, Next Level for serious competition in rings.


Emerald and Dallas got certificates of International Champions 


The new Irish Champion from Ukraine!

IRE JCH Louigy Sunnymoon Place (brother of Louis and son of Hector and Fendi)  become 


Our huge gratitude to the owners of Louigy - Paul & Margaret ! We are proud of our Ukrainian boy!


3 X CACIB & Derby Winner in Hungary

What an incredible weekend!!! We have 3xHUNGARIAN CHAMPIONS and 2xDERBY WINNERS in our kennel!!! 

Our results from 3xCACIB in Komarom, 20-21-22.10.2017 

(14, 17, 20 IGs entered):

Louis Sunnymoon Place - only 16 monthes old, debuted in intermedia cl. with 3xCAC, 2xCACIB, R.CACIB, 2xBOS! HUNGARIAN CHAMPION! DERBY WINNER-2017! Opened the Title of International Champion

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - only 18 monthes old - 3xCAC, 3xCACIB, 3xBOB! HUNGARIAN CHAMPION! DERBY WINNER-2017! & BEST DERBY WINNER! 

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - after puppy birth 2 monthes ago - 3xCAC, 2xR.CACIB! HUNGARIAN CHAMPION!

We are very apprecciative to honorable judges: 

Dr. Golian-Beres Agnes Edit (HU), Mr. Johan Wulteputte (BE), Mr. Erdos Laszlo (HU) for so high estimation of our dogs. 

Also we are grateful to kennels "Quindici", "Annaperla" and "Little Dragons" for strong competition in rings. 


Our bright and unique Hector & Brenda had big success on Vinnitsa IDS 

Two our gorgeous black jewels had really productive show day today! 

23.09.2017 CACIB-FCI, "Vinnytsa Cup-2017" 

Zabava Zhaty Hector got CAC, CACIB, BOS and closed the title of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!

His daughter Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher got CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2 and opened the title of International Champion! 

Many thanks to the respectable judge Jurate Butkiene for high estimation of our dogs! 

Sunnymoon Place italian sighthound


Sunnymoon Place kennel goes his way in the breed with confident steps. And the results of 3-days maraphone on EURO DOG SHOW-2017 - are true confirmation.

Питомник Sunnymoon Place идет по пути разведения уверенными шагами. И результаты трех-дневного марафона на Европейском чемпионате 2017 - убедительное этому подтверждение.  

DAY-1: 24.08.2017, International Dog Show, respectable judge John Wauben (NL)

DAY-2: 25.08.2017, National Dog Show, respectable judge Lisbeth Mach (CH) 

Louis Sunnymoon Place - JCAC, JBOB, BOB 

DAY-3: 26.08.2017, EURO DOG SHOW, respectable judge Rafael de Santigo (PR) 

Louis Sunnymoon Place - JCAC -> JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINER-2017!

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - CAC, R.CACIB -> VICE EUROPEAN WINNER-2017! and closed titles of UKRAINIAN CHAMPION and UKRAINIAN GRAND CHAMPION! 

Dallas Sunnymoon Place - excellent-3 in champions class 

Zabava Zhaty Hector - excellent-3 in open class  


Madison - the New Junior Champion of Belarus   

MADISON SOLO AVANTI SUNNYMOON PLACE got nice results and her first champion title.

19.08.2017 Belarus Sighthound Show (Expert: Per Lundstrom, Sweden)

Junior class - JCAC, JBOB, BOS

Republican dogshow of all breeds (Expert: Khristozov Georgiy, Bolgaria)

Junior class - JCAC, JBOB, BOB, BIG-5 - New Junior Champion of Belarus!

08.07.2017 CAC Zheludok, Belarus (Expert: Goncharuk Olga, Ukraine)

Junior class - JCAC, JBOB, BOB, BIG 1 

Our huge congratulations to owner Julia ! 

Sunnymoon Place italian sighthounds

Excellent results at Poland Sighthound Club Show

International Dog Show and Sighthound Club Show in Częstochowa (Poland) / 22-23.07.2017:

Louis Sunnnymoon Place - JCAC (1/2) on International Dog Show & Res.JCAC (2/5) on Polish Sighthounds Club Show (38 IGs)

We are proud of our little talented boy ( 13 monthes old / 37 cm). He has done his best in a really serious competition!  

Brenda Sunnnymoon de Windcatcher - excellent-4 on IDS and Sighthound Club Show (38 IGs) in very strong competition in junior females class. Our little elegant lady (15 monthes, 34,5 cm) got excellent descriptions and many compliments from breeders.


New Junior Grand Champions of Ukraine in our kennel

Our juniors successfully finished their titles of JUNIOR GRAND CHAMPIONS OF UKRAINE

Lot of work done, the more ahead. We are happy and proud! 

National Dog Show, Kiev, Ukraine, respectable judge, breed specialist Antoan Hlebarov (Bulgaria) 

Brenda Sunnnymoon de Windcatcher - JCAC, BOB, BIG-2 

Italian greyhound Sunnymoon Place

Excellent show weekend in Vasilkov

27-28.05.2017 National Dog Shows "Cup of Vasilkov" and "Stugna-2017". 

Louis Sunnymoon Place got BOB and BIG-1 in the first day. 

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher got BOB and BIG-2 in the second day. 

Thanks to the judges Viktor Chernyavskiy (UA) and Plamen Cholakov (BOL) for their choice. 

We are very glad with our new generation. They got excellent descritpions from all the shows we visited so far. All experts emphasize exсellent breed type, absolutly correct anatomy, beautiful movements of both, superior head of Louis and exceptional feminity of Brenda.


International Dog Show in Poland 

20-21.05.2017 National Dog Show & International Dog Show, Rzeszow, POLAND 

Louis Sunnymoon Place - JCAC, JBOB (1/6) 

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - JCAC, JBOB (1/3) 

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - CAC, CACIB (1/3), BOS 

Zabava Znaty Hector - 2xCAC, R.CACIB, BOB, BIG-2 (4 dogs) - got title of POLAND CHAMPION with 3CACs!!! 

Thanks  to honorable judges Siejkowski Leszek (PL) on NDS and Marabotto Marco (ITA) on IDS for strict and professional judging. 

Also many thanks for high-level competition to kennels Novatika, Chartbeat, Gorzowska Panorama and others. Italian expert told he was very glad with high quality of exhibited dogs.

italian sighthounds Sunnymoon Place

Great start  for our breeding puppy girl  Madison !

Great start on show our breeding girl - Madison Solo Avanti Sunnymoon Place 

We are happy and proud for owner Juliya and little Madison!

13.05.2017 CAC , National Dog Show, Grodno, BelarusBreed expert - Livija Zizevske (Lithuania) Puppy BIS expert - Nataliya Lychkovskaya (Belarus). 

MADISON SOLO AVANTI SUNNYMOON PLACE (class puppy) - Very Promissing, Best Puppy, PUPPY BIS -3!!! 

Big congratulations to owner Julia!

Sunnymoon Place italian greuhounds

06-07.05.2017, Kiev, 2 x CAC- UA 

Our results of two National Dog Shows 6-7.05.2017 in Kiev, Ukraine:

Louis Sunnymoon Place ( 10 monthes old) - 2xJCAC, JBOB - closed the title of JUNIOR CHAMPION OF UKRAINE

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - JCAC, JBOB, BOB, BIG-1 (1/3) and was selected into 5 Best in Show Juniors (among ~50 juniors)! 

Many thahks to honorable judges - Inga Siil (EST) - breed, junior BIS and group judge in the first day and Olga Goncharuk (UA) in the second day.

Sunnymoon Place italian greuhounds

IDS in Romania (Satu-Mare), 22-23.04.2017


Our results in competition (9 IG's in ring both days) under strict judging and bad weather: 


Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - 2×JCAC, 2×JBOB (got titles of ROMANIA JUNIOR CHAMPION & ROMANIA JUNIOR GRAND CHAMPION

Dallas Sunnymoon Place - 2×CAC, 2×R.CACIB (got titles of ROMANIA CHAMPION & ROMANIA GRAND CHAMPION

Zabava Znaty Hector - CAC, CACIB, BOB (got title of ROMANIA CHAMPION


Thanks for honorable judges Alfonso Castells Lladosa (SP), Csaba Zsolt Lokodi (RO) for profesional job and their choice.


09.04.2017. CAC-UA "LIDER CUP" 

Today our youngsters did their best on a National Dog Show "Lider Cup", Kiev, Ukraine. 

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - JCAC, BOB, BIG-1! Closed title of JUNIOR CHAMPION OF UKRAINE!

Louis Sunnymoon Place - JCAC, BOS! Debuted in junior class. 

Many thanks to judges Georgyi Schogol (GR) in the breed ring and Pavel Karpov (UA) in the group ring for the high estimation of our dogs.

IG Sunnymoon Place

25-26.02.2017 Akana Cup & Espree, 2 x CAC-UA 

After a winter time Sunnymoon Place iggies in the rings again!

25-26.02.2017 "Acana Cup" and "Espree": 

Louis Sunnymoon Place - was last time in puppies and got 2xBest Puppy 

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - debuted in junior class and got 2xJCAC, 2xJBOB, BOB, BIG-2!

They both got super descriptions. 

Thanks  to the judjes Tatiana Shiyan(UA) and Sergey Slukin(UA).

IG Sunnymoon Place

Super end of the show year 2016 for Sunnymoon Place!

10-11.12.2016 on IDS in Lublin, Poland (20 IGs) our dogs took everything we could dream!


Dallas Sunnymoon Place - CWC, CACIB, BOB! The new POLAND CHAMPION and C.I.B

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - CWC, R.CACIB. The new POLAND CHAMPION!

Everdeen Sunnymoon Place - CWC, CACIB, BOS! The new POLAND CHAMPION!

We are over the moon!!! Thanks to the breed judge Judge Andrzey Szutkiewicz (PL)! We didn't wait for the Best Competitions and left for a home.

Sunnymoon Place KL
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