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Nice results of show trip to Satu-Mare

We spent nice weekend in blossoming Satu-Mare with good friends and soulmates, and certainly with our beloved dogs .

Our nice results from 2×International Dog Shows:

- Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOS! Closed title of Romania Champion!

- Ulli Sunnymoon Place - 2xJCAC, 2xJBOB, BOB! Closed title of Romania Junior Champion!

- Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z Koloseum - 2xCAC, CACIB, R.CACIB! Closed title of Romania Champion!

- Wanilla Sunnymoon Place - 2xBest Puppy!

Thank you to great team of "Dog Show Time" for pleasant trip and overall support!

Our black panther Tabby is BOB & Res.BIS

06.04.2019 Békéscsaba National Dog Show in Hungary

Tabby Sunnymoon Place got Best of Breed and later with her amazing owner and handler won Res.BIS in junior handling competition!

We are very proud of our black panther :) and the team of amazing owners of her!

Louigy - BOB & BIG-4 

06.04.2019 Mid West Championship Show in Ireland:

Louigy Sunnymoon Place got Best of Breed and Best in Group 4!

Thank you, Margaret and Paul for good care and love to our boy.

Louigy - new International Champion! 

We are over the moon! Our little black boy Louigy in Ireland become this weekend new INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!

Thank you Margaret and Paul for all your love to our boy and efforts with showing him.

2xIDS, biggest dog show in Ireland "Celtic Winner 2019":

Louigy Sunnymoon Place - 2xCACIB, Best Male.

And what makes us is even more happy - Louigy's son Rua overcome his father and won Celtic Junior Winner-2019 and Celtic Winner-2019!

Ulli is now Grand Junior Champion of Ukraine! 

With a great mood and full of hope, we present the results of the show weekend!

09.03.2019 NDS "Lider Cup", Kiev

10.03.2019 NDS "Optimeal Cup", Kiev

Judges : Irina Rykova & Sviatoslav Rykov

Ulli Sunnymoon Place (junior class) - 2×JCAC, 2×BJ, 2×BOB, BIG & resBIG! - become Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine!

Wanilla Sunnymoon Place (debuted in puppy class) - 2× Best Puppy!

Just happy to received the great descriptions of our two so young, but great movers, Ulli and Wanilla✨✨

1 more International champion & 2 more champions in our kennel! 

Great results of our trip to 2×IDS in Minsk, Belarus 2-3 of March:

💙 Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - got CAC, CACIB and BOB🏆 and closed the title of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION 🌟

💙 Ulli Sunnymoon Place - got 2xJCAC, 2xJBOB, BOB & BOS🏆 and received the title of JUNIOR BELARUS CHAMPION 🌟

💙 Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z Koloseum - got 2xCAC, 2xCACIB🏆 and received the title of BELARUS CHAMPION 🌟

💙 Valerio Sunnymoon Place - was attended one day and received BEST PUPPY 🌟

Thanks to the strict judges Sviatlana Radziuk (Belarus) and Julia Aidietiene (Lithuania).

And many thanks to Valerio's owner Natalia Aristova for excellent growing and show training of our boy!

New Ukraine Junior Champion in our kennel! 

Great show weekend has passed and we have great results!

💙 Ulli Sunnymoon Place got 2×JCAC, 2×JBOB, 2xBOB, BEST IN GROUP-10, Res.BEST IN GROUP-10 and shortlisted into BEST 5 JUNIORS of the show (about 50 juniors)! Thank you to respected judges Inga Siil (Estonia), Olga Goncharuk (Ukraine), Livija Zizevske (Lituania) and Sergey Slukin (Ukraine) for high estimation of our young boy.

Ulli closed his first title - UKRAINE JUNIOR CHAMPION!

Vanessa Sunnymoon Place debuted in puppies with 2×BEST PUPPY and great descriptions from respected and strict judges: Inga Siil (EST) and Olga Goncharuk (UK).

Our Louigy TOP IS in Ireland! 

What a news !!!

This makes Louigy Sunnymoon Place TOP WINNING Italian Sighthound in Ireland 2018!

We over the moon and realy proud!

Thank you, Margaret and Paul!!!

Now, TWO BROTHERS, Louigy and Louis, both, becоme TOP IS 2018, each in his own country!

Our dogs are TOP DOGS in Ukrainian Kennel Union! 

Finally the very long waited Top Dogs raiting is created in Ukraine! Now it is officially our dogs are TOP DOGS not only in breed, but also in Group X!

Louis Sunnymoon Place - TOP-1 Italian Sighthound, TOP-1 in Group X!

Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z Koloseum - TOP-1 Italian Sighthound Junior, TOP-1 Junior in Group X, TOP-6 Junior among All breeds!

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - TOP-3 Italian Sighthound, TOP-3 in Group X! (Brenda was on maternity leave for half of the year and attended only 5 shows).

Zabava Znaty Hector - TOP-4 Italian Sighthound and TOP-4 in Group X.

Tabby won Best of Breed on prestigious show in Budapest! 

Today is a long-awaited and happy day for us, our beloved daughter -

Tabby Sunnymoon Place (Louis & Alpina) received her first and deserved BEST JUNIOR and BEST OF BREED in a big competition on a prestigious dog show in Budapest, Hungary!

Bravo Alexandra and Attila, for perfect training and handling of Tabby. Very proud of your team!

Breed judge : mr. Erdos Laszlo

Tabby Sunnymoon Place - first time Best junior and Best of Breed

Обработка видео...

Great start of the 2019 show year!  

New show year started with great events for our kennel!

On International Dog Show in Lviv, Ukraine 26-27.01.2019 our boys showed the best they could!

Louis Sunnymoon Place got 2xCACIB and BOB and closed his C.I.B. title with 20 CACIB received in Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria countries! So it is 8th Internation Champion in Sunnymoon Place kennel! And we are especially proud that all are closed in countries with nice competition. Louis is going to continue his show career and we hope for even more success for him in the following years

Ulli Sunnymoon Place debuted in juniors and on his very first show got 2xJCAC, 2xBOB Junior, BOB, Best Junior in group 10, BIG-3! He amazed judges with his type, head, movements and brave behavior in the ring. We are especially proud by Ulli as he is the 4th generation of Sunnymoons! So we are raising our quality with each generation.

We continue to dig down into genetics  

Years of interest in genetics now are officially confirmed by the certificate from Novosibirsk State University.

And here is the only beginning of the next level.

Great success of little Semiramide in Philippines  

We are over the moon with superior start of the show career of our little blue starlet


(ViceWW, C.I.B Zabava Znaty Hector x MLT CH Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place)!

Her very first show experience occurred on the biggest show in her country Philippine Circuit Show 2019.

Almost 1-year old Semiramide passed that

4-days show marathon  (12 Dog Shows) with wonderful results:

New Philippine Champion!

New Philippine Grand Champion!

New South East Asia Champion!

New Asia Pacific Champion!

12 x BOB

12x Best Junior in Breed

8 x Best Junior in Group

8x 3rd place in group

4x 4th place in group


We are very grateful to the owner Nick O'Donnell and everyone who cares and shows our girl in such a distant country!

Go, Sammy!!! It is time!!!

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