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Breeding since 2009 TOP-1 Italian Greyhounds in Ukraine 8 years in a row 11 International Champions 35 Champions 200+ Championship titles Fully health tested breeding


Aaand we are TOP dogs again!

Last year was very unusual in terms of dog shows life, but still our dogs results are very nice:

Our beloved producer and sweetheart KEEP WINNING FOR SUNNYMOON Z KOLOSEUM - closed his title of International Champion (C.I.B.)!
and become
TOP-1 Italian Greyhound in Ukraine 2020!

Our beloved daughter, born from two generations of our breeding SOLO AVANTI FORTUNA - closed titles:
Ukraine Junior Champion!
Ukraine Junior Grand Champion!
and become:
TOP-1 Junior Italian Greyhound in Ukraine 2020!
TOP-1 Junior in Group X 2020!
TOP-4 Junior of All Breeds in Ukraine 2020!
And this is with only 8 shows participated!

Our wild princess saluki INSHIRAH AL ZAHRA - closed titles:
Ukraine Junior Champion!
Ukraine Junior Grand Champion!
Ukraine Champion!
and become:
TOP-1 Junior Saluki in Ukraine 2020!
TOP-1 Saluki in Ukraine 2020!

THIS IS THIRD YEAR IN A ROW (from the start of TOP show dogs rating in Ukraine) our Italian Greyhounds keep TOP-1 places in the raining.

Let’s remember:
Ulli Sunnymoonplace - TOP-1 IG, TOP-1 in Group X and TOP-10 All Breeds 2019!
Vanessa Sunnymoonplace - TOP-1 Junior IG, TOP-1 Junior in Group X and TOP-5 Junior All Breeds 2019!
Arnero Sunnymoonplace - TOP-1 Veteran IG and TOP-1 Veteran in Group X 2019!
Louis Sunnymoonplace - TOP-1 IG and TOP-1 in Group X 2018
Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z Koloseum - TOP-1 Junior IG, TOP-1 in Group X and TOP-6 Junior All Breeds 2018

We are happy to see such results of our careful breeding, this inspire us for further work and development.
And of course we are very appreciated to all our breeders-friends who allowed us to have their dogs in our breeding and support us in our thorny road to perfection.

Tabby Sunnymoon Place rocked rings in Hungary!

Tabby Sunnymoon Place won 3 BEST OF BREED on IDS in Békéscsaba, Hungary!
3xExc.1, 3xCAC, 3xCACIB aaand 3xBOB!!!

Honorable Judges: Korózs András (HU), Roberto Schill (RO), Sonia Kelveri-Philippou (CYP)

Super result for our black pearl and congratulations to handler Retkes Slexandra and owner Attila Tarjänyi!

New generation of Sunnymoons successfully debuted on dog show!

We spent great weekend on FCI CACIB in the sunny city Kherson were Winnie did a good job again and our new generation puppies had their debut in show ring:

Winnie’s children:
Da Lilla Sunnymoon Place - very promissing and BOB Baby!
De Lungo Sunnymoon Place - very promising and BOS Baby!

Our gorgeous princess imported from Belarus:
Beauty of Sicilia Zara for Sunnymoon - very promising and BOB Puppy - congratulations and many thanks to her breeder Olga Kryshtapovich

Thank you to respectable judge Evgeniya Tolpina for her choice.

Winnie in BIS placement again!

26-27.09.2020 2xFCI CACIB in Sumy:

Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z Koloseum - 2xBOB, 2xBIG-1 and BEST IN SHOW 3!

Saluki Inshirah Al Zahra - 2xBOB, 2xBIG-2!

Sumy is new show place for us, but we really liked the city, friendly people and show organization.
Many thanks to respectable judges Pavlo Karpov and Elena Aleksandrova for their choice!

Great results on FCI CACIB in Vinnitsa!

19.09.2020 FCI CACIB in Vinnytsia:

Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z Koloseum - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-1!

Vanessa Sunnymoon Place - CAC, CACIB, BOS (2,5 months after the birth of her puppies).

Saluki Inshirah Al Zahra - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-3!

It was very nice weather and show place. We spent a pleasant weekend with our dogs.

Tabby Sunnymoon Place is new champion!

3xFCI CACIB in Jakabszállás
Tabby Sunnymoon Place got 2x EXC1, 1xCAC, 1xRes.CACIB so now she is a new

Congratulations to the owner Attila Tarjanyi and handler Retkes Aleksandra!

Three new champions in our kennel!

Our results of 2xFCI CACIB shows in Kiev, Ukraine:

Astra Sunnymoon Place - debuted in juniors with 2xJCAC, 2xJBOB, Crufts Qualification 2021 and become JUNIOR UKRAINE CHAMPION!

Wanilla Sunnymoon Place - got 2xCAC in open class and become UKRAINE CHAMPION!

Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z Koloseum - in champions got 2xCAC, CACIB, R.CACIB, BOS and Crufts Qualification 2021!

And saluki Inshirah Al Zahra rocked this day - with her debute in intermedia class she got 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB, Crufts Qualification 2021 and become UKRAINE CHAMPION and UKRAINE KENNEL UNION CHAMPION!

Nice results on our first show after quarantine!

8-9.08.2020 , 2xFCI CACIB in Nikolayed "Arsania 2020’’
Solo Avanti Fortuna - 2xJCAC, BOB!

Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z Koloseum - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOS!

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOB - 2 months after the birth of her puppies!

Tunya's bright closing of Junior Grand Champion!

Our little starlet brightly ended her Junior Grand Championship!

Solo Avanti Fortuna at her 6 first shows she won 5 BOBs in strong competition with dogs that won numerous BOBs on Specialities, BIGs, SBIS and BIS placements... and Tunya just rocked the rings and won over them!

The brightest finish of Junior Grand Championship was last weekend when Tunya won Junior BIS-4!, Junior BIS-3! and Res.BEST IN SHOW!
Aaand she is only 10 months old.
Many thanks to respectable judges Tatiana Shiyan and Sergey Slukin for giving such high placements to young Italian Greyhound girl.

Genetic Diversity panels for our main producers are ready!

Today we received results of Genetic Diversity tests for our Top producers Hector, Louis and Winnie and young perspective male Ulli.
So now our boys have not simply DNA profiles but much more informative Genetic Diversity panels:

✔ we could understand their Internal Relatedness coefficients and compare them with average in the breed (the lower coefficient the greater genetic diversity dog has, in breeding we should aim to the lowest possible);

✔ Diversity Panel includes more loci than standard ISAG DNA profile (more information for planning litters aimed for diversity - wee need to compare planned litter parents’ loci to choose the most different ones);

✔ now we know our boys DLA haplotypes which are important parts in genome and regulate immune responses, if been homozygous by DLA haplotypes dogs have more risk for autoimmune diseases (so these data also used for planning litters aimed for diversity in this part of genome).

More detailed information on dog's pages.

We keep digging down into Genetics

Knowledge is never too much. I recently finished the course of Genomic and Precision Medicine from the University of California San Francisco. Useful course with comprehensive information about genetic testing for Mendelian and complex diseases, tests' analytical and clinical validity and many more. Of course, my interest in this area is caused primarily by dog breeding purposes.

Two new Junior Champions in our kennel!

Nice and pleasant trip to Odessa finished with two new Junior Ukraine Champions!

2xFCI CACIB, 29.02-01.03.2020, Odessa:
Solo Avanti Fortuna - 2xJCAC, 2xJBOB, BOB, BIG-1 Junior! and got the title of UKRAINE JUNIOR CHAMPION!
Inshirah Al Zahra (Saluki) - 2xJCAC, 2xJBOB, 2xBOB, BIG-1 Junior, BIG-2! and got the title of UKRAINE JUNIOR CHAMPION!
Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z Koloseum - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOS, BOB, BIG-1!
Vanessa Sunnymoon Place - 2xCAC, CACIB, BOS!

Many thanks to respectable judges: Igor Semenenko (Ukraine) for the first day judging and granting BIG-1 Junior and BIG-2 to our wild girl Inshirah 🙂 and Harri Lehkonen (Finland) for the second day judging and granting BIG-1 to our Winnie!

We not only did a great job in the ring but also spent a nice time in the “seaside pearl” - beautiful city Odessa!

Super successful debute of our Fortuna in juniors!

It seems a new star was born!
Solo Avanti Fortuna (10 months) debuted this weekend in juniors on Canvit Cup-2020 / Espree Cup-2020 with overwhelming success - she easily got 2xJBOB, 2xBOB and 2xBIG-2!
In the breed ring she even won against the strong and experienced Vanessa Sunnymoon Place, who got 2xBest Adult Female.

Type, temperament and movements - it’s all about our Tunia.
We are very happy with this combination of C.I.B. Zabava Znaty Hector & MLT CH Madison Solo Avanti Sunnymoon Place and many thanks to Yulia Elendo for this treasure.

Our saluki Inshirah successfully debuted in juniors!

Times flies so fast!
Today our Inshirah Al Zahra has 9 monthss old and got her first JCAC and Best of Breed!

This cute saluki girl filled with her strong wild character and love to freedom of choice.
We are extremely proud to have such beauty and ready to grow with her endlessly! Many thanks for our princess to breeder Petra Pudova.

Inshirah Al Zahra (juniors, 9 monthes old) CAC- UA Espree Cup -2020: JCAC JBOB BOB BIG-4!

Zorian Sunnymoon Place successfully started his show career!

Our little boy Zorian Sunnymoon Place started his show career today on the Highland Canine Association Members' Limited Show in Scotland.
Zorian was placed:
1st A.V Toy NSC Post Graduate
1st A.V Toy Special Puppy
Special Best Puppy In Group!

Thank you to his owner Mhorven Polson for her love and care!

Valerio Sunnymoon Place fully health tested now!

It is a big pleasure when your dog goes to responsible breeder! He receives the best care, best showing and also full set of health tests.
We are very happy to know that our boy Valerio Sunnymoon Place is fully health tested, healthy and not a carrier of main breed-specific diseases:

✔️ FEH: N/N
✔️ PRA-IG1: AA Bb cc DD Ee
✔️ PGAG: N/N (by parents)
✔️ PLL: N/N (by parents)
✔️ Patella luxation: 0/0

Thank you to his owner Natalia Aristova!

Great start of 2020 show year!

After a year of rest Winnie came back to show rings and not alone but with two beautiful daughters.
Sunnymoon Place team opened new show year with great results on 2xFCI CACIB in Lviv, 25-26.01.2020:

Keep Winning for Sunnymoon z Koloseum 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOS, BOB, BIG-4! Closed his title of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!

Vanessa Sunnymoon Place - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOB, BIG-3!

Patricia Pia for Sunnymoon z Koloseum - excellent, JCAC, JBOB, BOS!

Many thanks to respected judges Massimilliano Mannucci (Italy) and Andrzej Kazmierski (Poland) for their choice!

Sunnymoon Place Iggies are Top Sighthounds in Ukraine!!!

WOW! Sunnymoon Place iggies are
Top Sighthounds of Ukraine 2019
in all nominations: Adult, Junior and Veteran!

Top-1 Adult Italian Greyhound!
Top-1 Adult in Group X!!
Top-10 Adult of All Breeds!!!

* * *

Top-1 Junior Italian Greyhound!
Top-1 Junior in Group X!!
Top-5 Junior of All Breeds!!!

* * *

Top-1 Veteran Italian Greyhound!
Top-1 Veteran in Group X!!

* * *

Looks like we did a good job.
To be continued...

Results of our dogs worldwide in 2019 show year.

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