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News archive 2016

Zabava Znaty Hector - Best of Breed on Kharkov CAC - UA 

30-31/01.2016 / 2 x CAC UA , Kharkov, breed judges - Tatiana Vostrih ( MLD) and Tamara Sarmont ( Belorus) 

Zabava Znaty Hector - 2xJCAC (1/3), Best Junior & BOB

italian sighthounds Sunnymoon Place

Emerald become a Champion of Czech Republic

07.02.2016 - International Dog Show in Brno, Czech Republic, breed judge Edith Soltez ( FN) 

39 IGs entered

Emerald Sunnymoon Place - CAC, CACIB  - become a CHAMPION OF CHZECH REPUBLIC!

italian sighthound Sunnymoon Place

Lider Cup CAC-UA 

Breed judge - Oleynikova Zoya ( UA) 

BIS Puppy judge Rade Vesic ( SRB) 

BIG judge Shiyan Victor ( UA) 

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - exc, very perspective, Best Puppy, (entered in a 8 best puppy from all breeds) 

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - ch cl. - exc, CAC , BOB , BIG-2

italian sighthound Sunnymoon Place


Our black diamond Zabava Znaty Hector is VICE WORLD WINNER-2016!!!! 

(CAC intermediate class, R.CACIB) 

We can't express our feelings...It is a big happiness and a huge responsibility too... This young boy - only 17 months old - still need a lot of work to become a real jewel. 


We are very graceful to the judge Catarina Molinari ( Portugal) for high estimation of our boy. 

Biggest congratulations to Hector's breeder Ludmila Zarudnaya! 


Desmonda Sunnymoon Place with "excellent" was entered in 6 best dog in intermediate class under very strict judge Gabriel Valdes.

Emerald Sunnymoon Place has "excellent" too in champion class by judging Catarina Molinary ( Portugal )

italian sighthound Sunnymoon Place


Breed judge - Zorzn Curcic (SER) 

Zabava Znaty Hector - CAC, BOB, BIG-1!

italian sighthound Sunnymoon Place

Poland, International Dog Show, Rzeshow

We had amazing weekend in Poland.  

20.05.2016 / 11 IGs entered 

Zabava Znaty Hector got CAC in intermedia class (1 from 3) .

Thanks to the judge - Andrzej Szutkiewicz (Pl).  

We are very proud to compete with a world famous kennels.  

italian sighthound Sunnymoon Place


Breed judge - UKU president G. Onischenko

Zabava Znaty Hector won CAC, CACIB, BOB! 

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - int cl - CAC & R.CACIB 

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - VP, Best Puppy 

Italian sighthouns Sunnymoon Place

Spring Main IDS in Kiev 

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - baby cl - 2 x Very perspective, 2 x Best Baby 

Zabava Znaty Hector - int cl - RCAC, CAC 

Emerald Sunnymoon Place - ch cl - 2 x CAC, 2 x RCACIB - got CHAMPION OF UKRAINE second time 

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - open cl - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOB, BOS, BIG-1 - got titles CHAMPION OF UKRAINE  & UKRAINE KENNEL UNION CHAMPION!

Italian Sighthound Sunnymoon Place

Riga CACIB 19.03.2016

15 IG entered 

Breed expert Rasma Ergle (LV) 

Everdeen Sunnymoon Place - open cl - 1 ex, CQ, CAC, RCACIB - got LATVIA CHAMPION!

Italian sighthound Sunnymoon Place

13.08.2016 Uman CAC-UA 

Breed judge Miodrag Vretenicic ( MON) 

Group and BIS brace competition judge Pero Celebic (MON) 

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - jun cl exc, JCAC, JBOB, BOB, BIG-1 

Dallas Sunnymoon Place - open cl - exc, CAC 

Emerald Sunnymoon Place - ch cl - exc, CAC, Best male 

Dallas & Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - res BIS Brace!



Euro Dog Show & Eurosingthound in Brusseles

EUROSINGHOUND 2016 - 70 IGs entered / judge Katarina Molinary ( Portugal)

Zabava Znaty Hector - intermedia cl- excellent 2, RCAC 

Dallas Sunnymoon Place - open cl - excellent

Emerald Sunnymoon Place -champ cl  - excellent

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - open cl- excellent 

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - junior cl  - very good


 EURODOGSHOW 2016 - 130 IGs entered  / judge Tatiana Urek ( SLO ) 

Zabava Znaty Hector - int cl- excellent 4 

Dallas Sunnymoon Place - open cl- excellent  

Emerald Sunnymoon Place - champ cl  - very good   

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - open cl  - excellent   

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - junior cl  - excellent 


We are very pleased that we took part in such important exhibitions in Brussels. After all, this is an incentive for development, and a reference point for the future. Ukraine represented at these exhibitions only by iggies of our kennel. We showed ourselves worthily, with stood in a tremendous competition. The trip was successful in all senses of the word. 


01-03.09.2016 The main Dog Shows in Ukraine 

On a days of September's main exhibitions of Ukraine, serious experts from Europe came to visit us. Rita Reyners (Belgium) in Ukraine - we have been waiting for her several years. A few days before her arrival in Kiev, she judged of the group of sighthounds at Eurodogshow in Brussels! 


Under such a serious expert, our Dallas Sunnymoon Place was the BEST OF BREED and best of all the other sighthounds. On the second day he repeated his success in a more difficult competition in the breed ring and in the best, under no less than the severe judging of Kitty Siong (Denmark). Dallas for two days of the exhibition managed to become the Champion of Ukraine and the Champion of the UKU for the second time, and now he owns a purely national, but very beautiful sounding title - BEST OF THE BEST OF BREED in Ukraine. 


Oud debutant Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place when she entered the junior class, became BEST OF BREED among bitches on both days, both days in competition! The baby at the age of nine monthes became the Junior Champion of Ukraine! 


Sunnymoon Place kennel finished the marathone of the main dog shows in Ukraine - FCI-CACIBs in Kiev with magnificent results!


Dallas Sunnymoon Place - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB, 2xBIG-1 !!! - become UKRAINIAN CHAMPION, UKRAINIAN KENNEL UNION CHAMPION and BEST OF THE BEST OF BREED in Ukraine (under the very strict and respectable judjes Rita Reiniers (Belgium) and Kitty Sjong (Denmark))

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place (champions class) - 2xCAC, CACIB, R.CACIB, BOS! 

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place (9 months, juniors class ) - 2xJCAC, 2xJBOB, 2xBOS! become JUNIOR CHAMPION OF UKRAINE

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher (debuted one day in baby class) - Best Baby!


Sunnymoon Place kennel (Dallas & Desmonda & Kassiopea) - Res.BEST IN SHOW BREEDING GROUP!

We are absolutely happy and proud for the stable results of our beloved dogs! 

They are traditionally get BOBs and BIG-s on the main dog shows of Ukraine for several years already! 


Emerald Sunnymoon Place become International Champion 

Quality - is the word that comes to mind first when you see this bright  IG boy. And experts agree with this opinion. No matter what our respected competitors say, Emerald's results speak for themselves. Confirmation to this - the title of the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION which Emerald Sunnymoon Place closed at the age of 2 years and 4 months! 

Emerald received all his titles in serious competition, and no other ig male in Ukraine can boast of such a set of results: 

- CACIB + BOB in Vilnius, in the most serious competition of the LUX LORAL, ELEDI GRACE - under the judging of FCI President Rafael Di Santiago; 

- CACIB in Brno, where 39 IG were presented;

- Great winning -  CACIB + BOB at the main dog show in Kiev. 

Emerald won another 4 CACIB in Ukraine: two in Uzhgorod, one in Dnepropetrovsk + BOB and the final one - in Vinnitsa.

Italian Sighthound Sunnymoon Place

Ivory Rose Sunnymoon Place - Junior Champion of Russia !

Congratulations to Olga and daughter of Dallas and Alpina - Ivory Rose Sunnymoon Place, with 


We wish success to this bright couple and are proud that in Novosibirsk our little star is shining at dog shows!

italian sighthounds Sunnymoon Place

Double CACIB & MONO in beautiful autumn Lviv  

22.10.2016  FCI CACIB ( Judge Tetyana Shiyan, UA) 

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - JCAC, JBOB 

Zabava Znaty Hector - CAC, R.CACIB

Dallas Sunnymoon Place - CAC 

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2!!! 


23.10.2016  IG Speciality show (judge Jurate Butkiene, LV)  

Louis Sunnymoon Place - Best Baby Male  

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - Best Baby

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place - EX 2 

Zabava Znaty Hector - CAC 

Dallas Sunnymoon Place - CAC 

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - CAC, BOS


23.10.2016  CAC- UA (Judge Antoan Hlebarov, BLG / group judge - Jurate Butkiene ( LV))

Kassiopea Sunnymoon Place  - JCAC, JBOB, BOS - become JUNIOR GRAND CHAMPION OF UKRAINE!

Zabava Znaty Hector - CAC  

Dallas Sunnymoon Place - CAC, BOB, BIG - 1!!!! 

Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - CAC, Best Female



29-30.10.2016 CAC-UA in Kharkov 

Strict judging of Ratibor Cekic (SRB) and Miodrag Vretenicic (MN) only emphasized the perfection of Hector in show ring. 

Zabava Znaty Hector - 2xCAC, 2xBOB, 2x res.Best in Group - become UKRAINE CHAMPION!

italian sighthounds Sunnymoon Place

Sunnymoon Place IGs on main Ukraine dog show of the year

Two more main dog shows of Ukraine have passed. Two more wins of Sunnymoon Place kennel!!!


03.11.3016 IDS "Kiev Rus-2016", Kiev (16 IGs entered). 

Breed judge - Boris Aleksandrov (UA), Group Judge - Ligita Zake (LV). 

Louis Sunnymoon Place - Best Baby male (1/2) 

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - Best Puppy 

Dallas Sunnymoon Place - champion cl, CAC CACIB BOB, BIG-1! (6 dogs in group) 

Delicious Sunnymoon Place - open cl, CAC, R.CACIB


 4.12.2016 IDS "Crustal Cup-2016", Kiev (18 IGs entered) 

Breed Judge - Georgiy Onischenko (UA), President of Ukrainian Kennel Union 

Group Judge - Daniele Poltri (Italy) 

Louis Sunnymoon Place - Best Baby (1/5) 

Brenda Sunnymoon de Windcatcher - Best Puppy 

Dallas Sunnymoon Place - champ cl, CAC CACIB BOB, BIG-1 (5 dogs in group)

Zabava Znaty Hector - interm cl, CAC, R.CACIB 

italian greyhound Sunnymoon Place , левретки в Украине
italian greyhounds Sunnymoon Place

Super end of 2016 year for Sunnymoon Place kennel

10-11.12.2016 on IDS in Lublin, Poland (20 IGs) our dogs took everything we could dream!


We are over the moon!!! Thanks to the breed judge Judge Andrzey Szutkiewicz (PL)! 


Desmonda Sunnymoon Place - CWC, R.CACIB. The new POLAND CHAMPION

Everdeen Sunnymoon Place - CWC, CACIB, BOS! The new POLAND CHAMPION!


italian sighthounds Sunnymoon Place
italian sighthound Sunnymoon Place

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