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What do Italian Greyhounds die from?

There is an interesting tab in the Italian Greyhounds Breed Archive - Health, which contains equally interesting information. There are statistics on the causes of death of Italian Greyhounds. Why I love statistics - because it gives more or less objective information, in contrast to the impression that can be formed as a result of discussions in social networks and personal conversations of breeders.

What we mainly discuss about the health of the Italian Greyhounds -  various genetic diseases, such as: epilepsy, eye, heart and patella diseases. And it seems that this is the main problems of the breed and causes of the death of IGs.

How do you think, what is actually the most common cause of the death of Italian Greyhounds at the age up to 5 years? And how many Italian Greyhounds die as a result of an epilepsy or heart problems? You will be very surprised when you look at the statistics below.

I selected statistics over the past 30 years, as it is the most complete and indicative of our time.

What do Italian Greyhounds die from?

What do Italian Greyhounds die from?
Detailed statistics on the causes of death can be viewed at the link.

What we can see from this data:

Every tenth Italian greyhound does not live to the age of 2 years. Each 5th IG does not live to the age of 5 years (19%). Only 62% are lucky to overcome the ten-years edge.

Interesting are causes of death. The most common cause of death of the Italian Greyhounds at a young age (22.32%) are accidents and injuries! Of these, most are hit by cars or other vehicles.

For comparison, the statistics of death from accidents and injuries of other Sighthounds:
Borzoi - 7.61%
Whippet - 10.64%
Saluki - 11.31%
Greyhound - 22.29% (of which 14.86% are injuries on the run)

Yes, Italian Greyhounds die from cancer (15.54% - by the way, the lowest percentage among all Sighthounds), heart diseases (4.24%) and the urinary system diseases (4.24%), immune diseases (3.11%) and the nervous system diseases (1.69%, where epilepsy - 1.13%) - but this happens in old age - after 10 years!

In my opinion, this is very sad statistics. We breeders do our best to breed healthy dogs, make health tests, calculate the probabilities of carrying the disease genes when planning matings, etc. But all this can not save the dogs from accidents due to an oversight of the owners.

Therefore, dear owners - I will not get tired of repeating that the health and life of your dog depends on you! On the conditions of life, education and walking your Italian Greyhound. On your contact with your dog. On following simple rules of walking on the city streets (a leash, reliable collar), early socialization, so that the dog does not get scared from unfamiliar objects and loud sounds, etc.

Dear breeders, let us explain with even more insistence to future owners that the Italian Greyhound is not a lazy home dog, but an active sighthound with a hunting instinct, and all that follows.

Lesya Smykovska
Kennel "Sunnymoon Place"